For the driver

AURA-INS in-earphones

In-earphones with foam tips which go inside the ear canal to form an air-tight seal, providing noise insulation to the race car driver.

AURA-SPE custom ear pieces

Custom-molded ear pieces that fit perfectly into the second bend of the driverís ear canal. Total noise insulation.

MIRA-SET in-helmet interface

The mic-set is to be installed inside the helmet. It links the driver to the race car radio system. It works great even with the engine at full thrott

For the team crew

HERA-FOL foldable headset

Noise dampening and acoustic insulation in a foldable-design headset that fulfills userīs portability needs.

HERA-PTT switching headset

Special-designed headset for crew chiefs that need an interface to communicate easily with more than a driver during the race.

HERA-F1 hi-specs headset

A smart combination of a low weight and a high comfort headset. It provides the user with superb noise-dampening properties and hearing protection

HERA-XS compact headset

Hearing protection, noise dampening and acoustic insulation, all included in a small-sized headset that totally encircles userís ears.

For the organization

HERA-RAF classic headset

Strong-built classical headset with great noise-dampening and acoustic insulation capabilities. Superior hearing protection.

HERA-BLU bluetooth headset

This interface allows the user to pair a cellphone to the headset using Bluetooth technology. It creates a link between the phone and radio networks.

HERA-DUO multiplexig headset

Double input headset that supports two radio transceivers being used simultaneously, merging both signals into a single audio output.

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